Sessions Office Position District Party
2009 Representative 63 Republican
2010 Representative 63 Republican
2011 Representative 63 Republican
2012 Representative 63 Republican
2013 Representative 63 Republican
2014 Representative 63 Republican
2015 Representative Majority Caucus Secretary 63 Republican
2016 Representative Majority Caucus Secretary 63 Republican
2017 Representative Majority Caucus Secretary 63 Republican
2018 Representative Majority Caucus Secretary 63 Republican
2019 Representative Majority Policy Committee Chairman 63 Republican
2020 Representative Majority Policy Committee Chairman, Majority Whip 63 Republican
2021 Representative Majority Whip 63 Republican
2022 Representative Majority Whip 63 Republican
2023 Representative 63 Republican
Counties Armstrong, Clarion, Forest


04/15/1970 -

Armstrong and Clarion Counties (2009-2014, 2023-present), Armstrong, Clarion and Forest Counties (2015-2022)

OBERLANDER, Donna R., a Representative from Armstrong, Clarion and Forest Counties; born, April 15, 1970 in Clarion, Clarion County, Pa.; graduated, Clarion Area High School, 1988; B.A., political science, Clarion University of Pennsylvania (now Pennsylvania Western University, Clarion), 1991; fellowship, RULE Leadership, The Pennsylvania State University, 2007; major, Civil Air Patrol; government contractor, radio communications, United States Navy; legislative aide, Pennsylvania State Representative Fred McIlhattan; business outreach, Clarion County Economic Development; elected, commissioner, Clarion County (2004-2008); member, Clarion County Republican Committee; elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Republican in 2008; reelected to the House for 7 more consecutive terms; elected, Majority Caucus Secretary (2015-2018); elected, Majority Policy Committee Chair (2019-June 22, 2020); elected, Majority Whip (June 22, 2020-2022); appointed, advisory board, Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (2018-2020); appointed, PennVEST (2019-2020); appointed, Joint State Government Commission (2020-2022); trustee, Pennsylvania Western University, Clarion (2009-present).

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