04/15/1970 -

Armstrong and Clarion Counties (2009-2014, 2023-present), Armstrong, Clarion and Forest Counties (2015-2022)

OBERLANDER, Donna R., a Representative from Armstrong, Clarion and Forest Counties; born, April 15, 1970 in Clarion, Clarion County, Pa.; graduated, Clarion Area High School, 1988; B.A., political science, Clarion University of Pennsylvania (now Pennsylvania Western University, Clarion), 1991; fellowship, RULE Leadership, The Pennsylvania State University, 2007; major, Civil Air Patrol; government contractor, radio communications, United States Navy; legislative aide, Pennsylvania State Representative Fred McIlhattan; business outreach, Clarion County Economic Development; elected, commissioner, Clarion County (2004-2008); member, Clarion County Republican Committee; elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Republican in 2008; reelected to the House for 7 more consecutive terms; elected, Majority Caucus Secretary (2015-2018); elected, Majority Policy Committee Chair (2019-June 22, 2020); elected, Majority Whip (June 22, 2020-2022); appointed, advisory board, Pennsylvania Small Business Development Center (2018-2020); appointed, PennVEST (2019-2020); appointed, Joint State Government Commission (2020-2022); trustee, Pennsylvania Western University, Clarion (2009-present).

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