04/04/1792 - 08/11/1868

STEVENS, Thaddeus, a Representative from Adams County, born, April 4, 1792 in Danville, Caledonia County, Vt.; attended, Peacham Academy, Vt.; attended, University of Vermont; graduated, Dartmouth College, 1814; honorary doctorage of law, Jefferson College (now Washington and Jefferson College), 1849; honorary doctorate of law, University of Vermont, 1867; teacher, York County Academy (1814-1816); attorney (1816-1868); elected as an Anti-Mason to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1833-1834 and 1834-1835 terms; reelected to the House as an Oppositionist for the 1835-1836 term; elected, delegate, Pennsylvania Constitutional Convention (1837-1838); reelected to the House as a Whig for the 1837-1838, 1838-1839 terms; not Sworn-In, December 4, 1838 and voted out of the House, May 24, 1839; reelected to the House in a Special Election, June 14, 1839 to serve the remaining 1838-1839 term; Sworn-In, June 19, 1839; appointed, Pennsylvania Canal Commissioner (1838); reelected to the House for the 1842 term; president, Cumberland Railroad; elected, United States Congress (1849-1853, 1859-1868); elected, delegate, Republican National Convention (1860); owner, Caledonia Iron Works, Franklin County; appointed, manger, Congressional Impeachment proceedings of President Andrew Johnson (1868); died while in office of the Congress, August 11, 1868 in Washington, District of Columbia; interred, Shreiner-Concord Cemetery, Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Archival Collections

Thaddeus Stevens Collection, 1792-2001 (MG-115),

Thaddeus Stevens Papers, 1813-1868, Library of Congress, Manuscript Division, Washington, DC

various collections, Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.



Congressional Biography

After 6 session(s) serving in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, Thaddeus Stevens went on to serve in congress

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