Sessions Office Position District Party
1967 Representative Republican
1968 Representative Republican
1969 Representative 184 Republican
1970 Representative 184 Republican
1977 Representative 184 Democrat
1978 Representative 184 Democrat
1979 Representative 184 Democrat
1980 Representative 184 Democrat
1981 Representative 184 Democrat
1982 Representative 184 Democrat
1983 Representative 184 Democrat
1984 Representative 184 Democrat
Counties Philadelphia


04/17/1942 -

BELOFF, Leland M., a Representative from Philadelphia County; born in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa., April 17, 1942; graduated, South Philadelphia High School; attended, the University of California at Los Angeles; attended, Temple University; served, United States Merchant Marines; nursing home administrator; elected as a Republican to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1967 and 1969 terms; unsuccessful campaign for reelection to the House (1970); reelected to the House as a Democrat for the 1977 term and served 3 consecutive terms thereafter; resigned from the House, May 3, 1984; elected, city council, Philadelphia (1984-1987).

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