1663 - 06/16/1722

DICKINSON, Jonathan, a Clerk from Philadelphia County; born, circa 1663 in Port Royal, Jamaica; sugar and dry goods merchant; appointed, Chief Clerk, Pennsylvania Colonial Assembly (May 11, 1698-May 10, 1699); appointed, clerk, Philadelphia County Court (1698-1699); street and water regulator, Philadelphia (1701, 1714, 1717); road commissioner, St. Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica (1705); elected, Pennsylvania Colonial Assembly (1710-1711, 1716-1718-1721); elected, Speaker (1718-1719); elected, Provincial Council (1711-1722); elected, city alderman, Philadelphia (1711-1712, 1713-1717, 1719-1720); justice, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania (1711-1712, 1715-1717); elected, mayor, Philadelphia (1712-1713, 1717-1719); justice of the peace, Philadelphia (1711-1721); justice of the peace, Philadelphia County (1712, 1718-22); engaged, real estate; elected, treasurer, Philadelphia County (1714-1718); died, June 16, 1722 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.

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