12/09/1809 - 03/21/1878

Clarion and Venango (1838-1840, 1842), Clarion, Jefferson and Venango (1844)

SNOWDEN, James Ross, a Representative from Clarion, Jefferson and Venango Counties; born, December 9, 1809 in Chester, Delaware County, Pa.; A.B., Dickinson College; M.A., Jefferson College, 1845; honorary doctorate of laws, Washington and Jefferson College, 1875; colonel, Philadelphia 1st Regiment, Pennsylvania Home Guard (1862-1865); attorney (1828-1878); elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Democrat to serve the 1838-1839 term; reelected to the House to serve the 1840, 1842 and 1844 terms; elected, Speaker (1842, 1844); officer, State Military Convention (1845); elected, State Treasurer (1845-1846); presidential appointee, treasurer, United States Mint (1847-1850); solicitor, Pennsylvania Railroad Company (1850-1852); presidential appointee, director, United States Mint (1853-1861); appointed, prothonotary, Pennsylvania Supreme Court (1861); died, March 21, 1878 in Hulmeville, Bucks County, Pennsylvania; interred, Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.



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Snowden, James Ross. “International Coinage.” Lippencott’s Magazine, Vol. V, 85-93.

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