12/17/1868 - 07/24/1948

WOODRUFF, Clinton Rogers, a Representative from Philadelphia County; born, December 17, 1868 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pa.; graduated, Central High School; Ph.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1889; LL.B., University of Pennsylvania Law School, 1892; lawyer; secretary, Union Committee; counsel, American Institute of Christian Sociology; secretary and treasurer, Municipal League of Philadelphia (1892-1897); counsel, Municipal League of Philadelphia (1897-1903); elected as a Republican to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in a Special Election, February, 16, 1897 to serve the remaining 1897 term; reelected to the House for the 1899 term; not a candidate for reelection to the House for the 1901 term; special inspector, Indian Department, United States Department of the Interior (1904-1904), president, Philadelphia Registration Commission and Election Reform (1906-1920); trustee and director, Free Library of Pennsylvania; assistant city solicitor, Philadelphia (1920-1924); director of welfare, Philadelphia (1931-1936); vice president, Pennsylvania Teaching Home for the Blind; died, January 24, 1948 in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania; interred, Saint James the Less Episcopal Churchyard, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania.



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Archival Collections

Various publications and collections from the Van Pelt Library of the University of Pennsylvania including Henry Charles Lea Papers, ca. 1830-1935 and the Theodore Dreiser Papers, ca. 1890-1965.


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