12/20/1953 -

CHESS, Richard Bruce, a Representative from Allegheny County; born in Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Pa., December 20, 1953; graduated, Community College of Allegheny County; B.S., psychology and economics, University of Pittsburgh, 1973; J.D., University of Richmond School of Law, 1976; sergeant, United States Marine Corps Reserves PLC Program (1971-1973); attorney; Democratic committeeman (1974-1975); staff director, Local Government Attorneys of Virginia (1975-1976); director, Allegheny County Bureau of Consumer Affairs (1977-1979); editor, Allegheny County Democrat; editor, Local Government Attorneys News; elected to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives as a Democrat in 1978; unsuccessful campaign for reelection to the House (1980); economic development director, Richmond (Va.) Chamber of Commerce (1981-1982); self-employed: real estate, securities, insurance (1982-1984); senior analyst, ManEquity (1984-1987); director of acquisitions, United Dominion Realty Trust (1987-1997); associate, Advantis GVA (1997-2001); real estate manager, Winstar Wireless (2000-2001); of counsel, Hirshler Fleischer (2001-2002), FutureLaw LLC (2002-2004), Hoctor Kaplan PLC (2004-2006); associate, CB/Richard Ellis (2002-2006); president, American Realty Capital Markets (2007-2010); managing partner, Chess Law Firm (2007-present); president, Real Estate Securities Association (2010-2011).

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