02/17/1877 - 12/07/1962

SCHWAB, John, a Representative from Cameron County; born, February 17, 1877 in Siselon, Canton of Berne, Switzerland; graduated, Central State Normal School (now Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania), 1901; president, Pennsylvania Powder Company; elected, council, Emporium, Pa. (1922-1926); elected, burgess, Emporium (1926); elected as a Democrat to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1933 term and reelected to serve the 1937 term; unsuccessful campaign for reelection to the House for the 1935 term; not a candidate for reelection to the House for the 1939 term; died, December 7, 1962 in Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania; interred, Newton Cemetery, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.

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