Sessions Office Position District Party
1923-1924 Representative Republican
1925-1926 Representative Republican
1927-1928 Representative Republican
1929-1930 Representative Republican
1931-1932 Representative Republican
1933-1934 Representative Republican
1935-1936 Representative Republican
1937-1938 Representative Republican
1939-1940 Representative Republican
1941-1942 Representative Republican
1943-1944 Representative Republican
1945-1946 Representative Republican
1947-1948 Representative Republican
1949-1950 Representative Republican
1951-1952 Representative Republican
1953-1954 Representative Republican
1955-1956 Representative Republican
1957-1958 Representative Republican
1959 Representative Minority Caucus Chairman Republican
1960 Representative Minority Caucus Chairman Republican
1961 Representative Minority Caucus Chairman Republican
1962 Representative Minority Caucus Chairman Republican
1963 Representative Majority Caucus Chairman Republican
1964 Representative Majority Caucus Chairman Republican
Counties Lancaster


01/24/1891 - 03/11/1988

WOOD, Norman, a Representative from Lancaster County; born in Fulton Township, Lancaster County, Pa., January 24, 1891; graduated, Fulton Township High School; attended, The George School; attended, The Pennsylvania State (University) College; dairy farmer; elected as a Republican to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1923 term and served 20 consecutive terms thereafter; elected, Minority Caucus Chair (1959-1962); elected, Majority Caucus Chair (1963-1964); appointed, Special Committee to Select Measures on the Subject of Abating Penalties and Interest on Delinquent Taxes (1935-1936); appointed, chair, Commission on Interstate Cooperation Sub-Committee on Traffic Safety and Defense Lighting Problems (1943-1946); appointed, Local Government Commission (1943-1956; chair, 1951-1956); appointed, Commission on Interstate Cooperation (1947-1960; chair, Sub-committee on Traffic Safety, 1949-1950; Sub-Committee on Agriculture, 1949-1950); appointed, Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (1951-1952); appointed, Joint State Government Commission (1957-1964); appointed, Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (1961-1964); not a candidate for reelection to the House (1964); died, March 11, 1988 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; interred, Eastland Friends Burial Ground, Little Britain, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

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