Sessions Office Position District Party
1947-1948 Representative Republican
1949-1950 Representative Republican
1951-1952 Representative Republican
1953-1954 Representative Republican
1955-1956 Representative Republican
Counties Perry


01/18/1914 - 08/18/1997

TOOMEY, Thomas Luke, a Representative from Perry County; born in Wila, Perry County, Pa., January 18, 1914; graduated, Newport High School; graduated; Susquehanna University, 1937; served, United States Army (1941-1945, World War II): (Pennsylvania’s first) Dog Law Enforcement Officer, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture; feed manufacturer; elected as a Republican to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1947 term; reelected to the House to serve 6 more consecutive terms; not a candidate for reelection to the House for the 1961 term; died, August 18, 1997 in the city of Lancaster, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; interred, Newport Cemetery, Newport, Perry County, Pennsylvania.