Sessions Office Position District Party
1947-1948 Representative Democrat
1949-1950 Representative Republican
1951-1952 Representative Republican
1953-1954 Representative Republican
1955-1956 Representative Republican
1957-1958 Representative Republican
1959 Representative Minority Whip Republican
1960 Representative Minority Whip Republican
1961 Representative Minority Whip Republican
1962 Representative Minority Whip Republican
Counties Cameron


10/30/1901 - 04/12/1968

TOMPKINS, Edwin W., a Representative from Cameron County; born in Emporium, Cameron County, Pa., October 30, 1901; graduated, Emporium High School; Ph. B., Dickinson College, 1925; M.A., Dickinson College, 1927; LL. B., Dickinson School of Law (now Penn State Dickinson Law), 1927;  lawyer; elected, council, Emporium (1929-1930); elected, District Attorney, Cameron County (1930-1947); elected as a Republican to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives for the 1947 term and reelected to serve 7 consecutive terms thereafter; elected, Minority Whip (1959-1962); appointed, Joint Legislative Committee on Penal Laws (1947-1948); member, Pennsylvania Commission on Constitutional Revision (1959); appointed, Joint State Government Committee (1961-1962); appointed, Legislative Budget and Finance Committee (1961-1962); unsuccessful campaign for reelection to the House for the 1963 term; elected, director, Pennsylvania Legislative Reference Bureau (1963-1964); died, April 12, 1968 in St. Mary’s, Elk County, Pennsylvania; interred, Newton Cemetery, Emporium, Cameron County, Pennsylvania.

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