William F. Adolph, Jr.

(R) 1989-2016, 165th District, Delaware County

Robert Allen

(R), 1988-2006, 125th District, Berks, Northumberland and Schuylkill Counties

Ryan Aument

(R) 2011-2014, 41st District, Lancaster County

Robb Austin

(D), 1979-1980, 39th District, Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties

Roy Baldwin

(R), 2003-2006, 97th District, Lancaster County

Ellen M. Bard

(R), 1995-2004, 153rd District, Montgomery County

John Barley

(R), 1985-2002, 100th District, Lancaster County

Bob Bastian

(R), 1999-2008, 140th District, Bedford and Somerset Counties

Joseph W. Battisto

(D), 1983-2000, 189th District, Monroe County

Linda Bebko-Jones

(D), 1993-2006, 1st District, Erie County

Daniel E. Beren

(R), 1967-1976, 153rd District, Montgomery County

Milton Berkes

(D), 1967-1974, 140th District, Bucks County

Karen D. Beyer

(R), 2005-2010, 131st District, Lehigh and Northampton Counties

Jerry Birmelin

(R), 1985-2006, 139th District, Monroe, Pike, Susquehanna and Wayne Counties

Thomas Blackwell, IV

(D), 2005-2008, 190th District, Philadelphia County

Stephen Bloom

(R), 2011-2018, 199th District, Cumberland County

Kenneth E. Brandt

(R), 1973-1999, 98th District, Lancaster County

John Broujos

(D), 1983-1992, 199th District, Adams, Cumberland, and York Counties

Raymond Bunt, Jr.

(R), 1983-2006, 147th District, Montgomery County

Edward Burns

(R), 1973-1990, 18th District, Bucks County

Robert J. Butera

(R), 1963-1977, 150th District, Montgomery County

Alan Butkovitz

(D), 1991-2004, 174th District, Philadelphia County

Michael E. Cassidy

(D), 1977-1978, 80th District, Blair County

Gaynor Cawley

(D), 1981-2006, 113th District, Lackawanna County

Richard J. Cessar

(R), 1971-1994, 30th District, Allegheny County

Paul Clymer

(R), 1981-2014, 45th District, Bucks County

Lita I. Cohen

(R), 1993-2002, 148th District, Montgomery County

Mark B. Cohen

(D), 1974-2016, 202nd District, Philadelphia County

Jeffrey Coleman

(R), 2001-2004, 60th District, Armstrong and Indiana Counties

Joe Conti

(R), 1993-1997, 143rd District, Bucks County

Jacqueline Crahalla

(R), 2003-2006, 150th District, Montgomery County

Lawrence Curry

(D), 1993-2012, 154th District, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties

Peter J. Daley, II

(D) 1983-2016, 49th District, Fayette and Washington Counties

Michael Dawida

(D) 1979-1988, 26th and 36th Districts, Allegheny County

H. William DeWeese

(D), 1976-2012, 50th District, Fayette, Greene and Washington Counties

Madeleine Cunnane Dean

(D) 2012-2018, 153rd District, Montgomery County

Lee A. Donaldson, Jr.

(R), 1955-1970, 70th District, Allegheny County

Donald Dorr

(R), 1973-1990, 193rd District, York County

Paul Drucker

(D), 2009-2010, 157th District, Chester and Montgomery Counties

Edward Early

(D), 1971-1974, 29th District, Allegheny County

William H. Eckensberger, Jr.

(D), 1965-1976, 2nd and 133rd District, Lehigh County

C. Allan Egolf

(R), 1993-2004, 86th District, Cumberland, Franklin and Perry Counties

Dwight Evans

(D) 1981-2016, 203rd District, Philadelphia County

D. Michael Fisher

(R), 1975-1980, 40th District, Allegheny County

Robert J. Flick

(R), 1983-2006, 167th District, Chester and Delaware Counties

Richard Geist

(R), 1979-2012, 79th District, Blair County

Camille 'Bud' George

(D), 1975-2012, 74th District, Centre and Clearfield Counties

Mauree A. Gingrich

(R), 2003-2016, 101st District, Lebanon County

Francis Gleeson, Jr.

(D), 1969-1979, 172nd District, Philadelphia County

Stewart Greenleaf II

(R), 1977-1978, 152nd District, Bucks and Montgomery Counties

James D. Greenwood

(R), 1981-1986, 143rd District, Bucks County

Michael C. Gruitza

(D), 1981-2006, 7th District, Mercer County

Marcia M. Hahn

(R) 2010-2020, 138th District, Northampton County

George Hasay

(R), 1973-2006, 117th District, Columbia, Luzerne and Wyoming Counties

Dr. George K. Haudenshield

(R), 1959-1970, 43rd District, Allegheny County

Samuel E. Hayes, Jr.

(R), 1971-1992, 81st District, Blair, Centre and Huntingdon Counties

Lynn Herman

(R), 1983-2006, 77th District, Centre and Clearfield Counties

Arthur D. Hershey

(R), 1983-2008, 13th District, Chester and Lancaster Counties

John Hornaman

(D), 2007-2012, 3rd District, Erie County

Mike J. Horsey

(D), 1995-2004, 190th District, Philadelphia County

Harold James

(D), 1989-2008 and 2012, 186th District, Philadelphia County

Babette Josephs

(D), 1985-2012, 182nd District, Philadelphia County

Richard Kasunic

(D), 1983-1994, 52nd District, Fayette and Westmoreland Counties

Gerald Kaufman

(D) 1967-1972, 23rd District, Allegheny County

James B. Kelly, III

(R), 1971-1976, 28th District, Allegheny County

George Kenney

(R), 1984-2008, 170th District, Montgomery and Philadelphia Counties

Thaddeus Kirkland

(D) 1993-2016, 159th District, Delaware County

Allen G. Kukovich

(D), 1977-1996, 56th District, Westmoreland County

Franklin L. Kury

(D), 1967-1972, 108th District, Northumberland and Montour Counties

Susan B. Laughlin

(D), 1989-2004, 16th District, Allegheny and Beaver Counties

Daylin Leach

(D), 2003-2008, 149th District, Montgomery County

Austin Lee

(R), 1957-1964, 14th District, Philadelphia County

Kenneth B. Lee

(R), 1957-1974, 111th District, Sullivan, Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties

Dennis Leh

(R), 1987-2006, 130th District, Berks County

Victor J. Lescovitz

(D), 1980-2006, 46th District, Allegheny, Beaver and Washington Counties

Harry Lewis, Jr.

(R) 2015-2018, 74th District, Chester County

Beverly Mackereth

(R), 2001-2008, 196th District, York County

Roger Madigan

(R), 1977-1984, 110th District, Bradford County

Stephen Maitland

(R), 1993-2006, 91st District, Adams and Franklin Counties

Sandra J. Major

(R) 1995-2016, 111th District, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Wayne and Wyoming Counties

Carl Mantz

(R), 2007-2008, 187th District, Berks and Lehigh Counties

Ronald S. Marsico

(R) 1989-2018, 105th District, Dauphin County

Stephen McCarter

(D), 2013-2020, 154th District, Montgomery County

John B. McCue

(R), 1963-1964, 1971-1976, 60th and 61st Districts, Armstrong County

Charles McIlhinney, Jr.

(R), 1999-2006, 143rd District, Bucks County

Christopher McNally

(D), 1989-1994, 36th District, Allegheny County

Mark McNaughton

(R), 1997-2006, 104th District, Dauphin County

Mitchell W. Melton

(D), 1969-1972, 196th District, Philadelphia County

Thomas Michlovic

(D), 1979-2002, 35th District, Allegheny County

Nicholas Micozzie

(R), 1979-2014, 163rd District, Delaware County

Sheila Miller

(R), 1993-2006, 129th District, Berks County

John P. Milliron

(D), 1975-1978, 79th District, Blair County

Erin Molchany

(D), 2013-2014, 22nd District, Allegheny County

Phyllis Mundy

(D), 1991-2014, 120th District, Luzerne County

Carl Nelson

(D), 1959-1960, 2nd District, York County

Brandon Neuman

(D) 2011-2017 48th District, Washington County

Fred C. Noye

(R) 1973-1992, 86th District, Cumberland, Juniata and Perry Counties

Robert W. O'Donnell

(D), 1974-1993, 198th District, Philadelphia County

Michael A. O'Pake

(D), 1969-1972, 126th District, Berks County

H. Sheldon Parker

(R), 1967-1978, 42nd District, Allegheny County

John D. Payne

(R) 2003-2016, 106th District, Dauphin County

Scott Perry

(R), 2007-2012, 92nd District, Cumberland and York Counties

Jeffrey E. Piccola

(R), 1977-1995, 104th District, Dauphin County

John Pippy

(R), 1997-2002, 44th District, Allegheny County

John Pittenger

(D), 1965-1966, 1969-1970, 96th District, Lancaster County

Joseph Preston

(D), 1983-2012, 24th District, Allegheny County

Ron Raymond

(R), 1985-2008, 162nd District, Delaware County

Roy Reinard

(R), 1983-2002, 178th District, Bucks County

Joseph Rhodes, Jr.

(D), 1973-1980, 24th District, Allegheny County

Lawrence Roberts

(D), 1993-2006, 51st District, Fayette County

William Russell Robinson

(D), 1989-2002, 19th District, Allegheny County

Todd Rock

(R), 2007-2014, 90th District, Franklin County

T.J. Rooney

(D), 1993-2006, 133rd District, Lehigh and Northampton Counties

L. Christopher Ross

(R), 1997-2016, 158th District, Chester County

Carole Rubley

(R), 1993-2008, 57th District, Chester and Montgomery Counties

Ruth C. Rudy

(D), 1983-1996, 171st District, Centre and Mifflin Counties

Richard Saccone

(R) 2011-2018, 39th District, Allegheny and Washington Counties

Dante Santoni

(D), 1993-2012, 126th District, Berks County

Larry O. Sather

(R), 1993-2006, 81st District, Blair, Huntingdon and Mifflin Counties

Jere Schuler

(R), 1983-2002, 43rd District, Lancaster County

J. Michael Schweder

(D), 1975-1980, 135th District, Northampton County

Tim Seip

(D), 2007-2010, 125th District, Berks and Schuylkill Counties

Kent Shelhamer

(D), 1965-1976, 109th District, Columbia County

Bruce Smith

(R), 1981-2006, 92nd District, Cumberland and York Counties

Ken Smith

(D), 2007-2012, 112th District, Lackawanna County

L. Eugene Smith

(R), 1963-1986, 66th District, Indiana and Jefferson Counties

David Steil

(R), 1993-2008, 31st District, Bucks County

Jerry Stern

(R), 1993-2014, 80th District, Bedford and Blair Counties

Richard Stevenson

(R), 2001-2014, 8th District, Armstrong, Butler and Mercer Counties

Thomas L. Stevenson

(R), 1997-2006, 42nd District, Allegheny County

RoseMarie Swanger

(R), 2007-2014, 102nd District, Lebanon County

David Sweet

(D), 1977-1988, 48th District, Washington County

Lee C. Taddonio

(R) 1973-1982, 25th District, Allegheny and Westmoreland Counties

Elinor Zimmerman Taylor

(R), 1977-2006, 156th District, Chester County

W. Curtis Thomas

(D) 1989-2018, 181st District, Philadelphia County

Thomas Tigue

(D), 1981-2006, 118th District, Lackawanna, Luzerne and Monroe Counties

Guy A. Travaglio

(D), 1995-2004, 11th District, Butler County

Patricia H. Vance

(R), 1993-2004, 87th District, Cumberland County

Michael A. Vereb

(R) 2007-2016, 150th District, Montgomery County

Bill Wachob

(D), 1979-1984, 75th District, Clearfield and Elk Counties

Donald R. Walko, Jr.

(D), 1995-2010, 20th District, Allegheny County

Peter C. Wambach, Jr.

(D), 1980-1992, 103rd District, Dauphin County

Constance H. Williams

(D), 1997-2001, 149th District, Montgomery County

Roy W. Wilt

(R), 1969-1981, 8th District, Mercer County

Helen Dickerson Wise

(D) 1977-1978, 77th District, Centre County

Robert C. Wise

(D), 1965-1974, 83rd District, Lycoming County

Edward Wojnaroski, Sr.

(D), 1997-2008, 71st District, Cambria County

Matthew Wright

(R), 1991-2006, 142nd District, Bucks County

Joseph R. Zeller

(D), 1971-1980, 134th District, Lehigh County

Peter Zug

(R), 1993-2006, 102nd District, Dauphin and Lebanon Counties