Sessions Office Position District Party
1911-1912 Representative Democrat
1913-1914 Representative Democrat
1915-1916 Representative Democrat
1917-1918 Representative Democrat
1919-1920 Representative Democrat
1921-1922 Representative Democrat
Counties Columbia


09/24/1867 - 05/29/1935

SHAFFER, Charles Alvin, a Representative from Columbia County; born in Briar Creek Township, Columbia County, Pa., September 24, 1867; graduated, Orangeville Academy; graduated, Cincinnati College of Embalming and Sanitation; graduated, Renouard’s School of Embalming, NY; teacher; undertaker; cabinet maker; elected as a Democrat to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives to the 1911 term and served 5 more consecutive terms; unsuccessful campaign for reelection to the House as a Prohibition candidate (1922, 1924); died, May 29, 1935 in Berwick, Columbia County, Pennsylvania.